Borderlands is an RPG sci-fi shooter that features four player online co-op.

The Complete, Unabridged Timeline of Borderlands

The looter-shooter genre was paved down this franchise’s world, but what exactly happened in this world?

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NEW TALES FROM THE BORDERLANDS Full Gameplay Walkthrough / No Commentary 【FULL GAME】4K Ultra HD

NEW TALES FROM THE BORDERLANDS Full Gameplay Walkthrough / No Commentary 【FULL GAME】4K Ultra HD

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New Tales from the Borderlands is a choice-based narrative adventure where you control the fate of three lovable losers trying to get through a bad day. It features an all-new cast of characters, bringing to life a heartwarming tale full of classic Borderlands humor. Your choices impact how your story unfolds, with the potential to change the universe forever. This Mayhem-fueled adventure is broken up into five parts, which are all available as one package at launch. Once you complete the game, you can replay everything all over again to try out different choices, or replay individual chapters as desired.

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BORDERLANDS 4… When Will We See It?

Yoo Guize! Today we speculate about Borderlands 4 and when we think we may see it! I make some conjectures and speculations in this video that are exactly that, speculation. However I think it is fun to talk about the future and what to expect from the next big entry in the franchise. Enjoy!


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Borderlands: The Ultimate Hang Out | The Completionist | New Game Plus

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Here we are at the last New Game Plus of the Year. And at this time of year it’s best to sit and play some relaxing games with friends. What’s more relaxing than endless bullets filled with loot and carnage? Nothing. It’s like fishing. You grab your pals, load up, and listen to Claptrap as you make your way through the wasteland. Borderlands 1 is one of my favorite FPS games to hang out with people on. The downtime between missions let’s us talk, catch up, and really get those classic online play vibes. So let’s jump into my Borderlands 1 review!

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Replay: 6:52
Review: 14:12

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