Analogue Super Nt Has Already Sold Out

Analogue Super Nt Has Already Sold Out

The custom hardware that plays Super NES and Super Famicom game cartridges went back on sale on Friday and sold out quickly.

DF Retro: Analogue Super Nt Review – a 21st Century SNES!

This week, DF Retro tackles Analogue’s Super Nt – an FPGA based console designed to play Super NES games via HDMI. Analogue boasts perfect accuracy but is that really the case? We put the system to the test using challenging games known to cause problems with most software emulators. How does it stack up? The answers and more in this week’s episode of DF Retro

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Jailbreak Analogue Super NT – Play SNES Games Using An SD Card!

Jailbreak your Super NT to play .SFC/.SMC (Super Nintendo & Super Magic Card) games! This video will show you how! ��

#SuperNT #Analogue #Jailbreak #SuperNintendo

NOTE: While I mentioned that the CopySNES can dump your ROM and Save RAM, it CANNOT restore either to a cartridge. You’ll need a Retrode device or similar to restore data to a cartridge.

This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.

Can not and will not show you how to find ROMs.

▬ Chapters of this Video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

0:00 – Intro
0:54 – Getting Started / SD Card Prep
2:06 – DL the Mega SG Jailbreak / Extracting to SD Card
2:51 – Jailbreaking the Super NT / Loading ROMs
4:22 – Navigating the Jailbreak
5:25 – Save Game Support / .SAV
7:02 – CopySNES / SPC Player
8:19 – Shoutouts
8:53 – Peace Out!

Links & Downloads:

Super NT Jailbreak:


Check CRC32:

Project Nested:

FirebrandX’s YouTube Channel:

FirebrandX’s Obsessive Compulsive Super NT Settings:

Enhancement Chip CRC32 Values:
• cx4.bin — B6E76A6A)
• dsp1.bin — 27124599)
• dsp1b.bin — 588279B4)
• dsp2.bin — F0221C90)
• dsp3.bin — E3B54E6A)
• dsp4.bin — CA09E176)
• st0010.bin — 8D136190)
• st0011.bin — 750C6012)

Peace~ ✌��
Music: “LAKEY INSPIRED – The Process”:

Analogue super Nt vs SNES/W Retrotink 5x


I finally got the Analogue Super Nt in black and I didn’t pay outrages eBay prices. As we all know the Turrican game comes pre-loaded on Analogue’s FPGA consoles but there is a mystery black envelope with the Super Nt that I can’t wait to discover what’s inside.

Watch till the end of the video where I discuss future projects for the We Deem Channel such as Raspberry pi laptop retro conversion, electronic projects and a custom Atomic Pi computer case.

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